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Rebecca Fogel

Cathy Fogel

Tributes in memory of Rebecca Fogel

The Friendship Circle mourns the loss of the pure soul, Rebecca Fogel, Rivka bas Sarah, of blessed memory. Rebecca is known to everyone who has been part of Friendship Circle since the very beginning. The entire Friendship Circle family mourns her loss. We extend our condolences to her mother, Cathy, and the entire family.

May the Mitzvos (good deeds) done in her honor bring merit to her soul.
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1. JMJenna Messing
2. SGStephen Gray
My deepest condolences to Ron and Marilyn. Rebecca was so sweet and I always enjoyed talking with her during those times when you would take her for walks in our neighborhood. I will always be reminded of her beautiful smile and kind nature.
3. EOEdward Omahen
4. HBHannah Bubis
My deepest condolences to Cathy and her family. Sending much love and light during this difficult time. Love, Hannah & Bob
5. MFMichael Fox
Let us always keep Rebecca alive in our hearts.
6. BGBinyamin Goldman