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A tribute to the biggest smile that we will all miss - RIP Alex

David Portney

In Memory of Alex Bruni

As you all know, Alex touched our lives in many ways. Throughout high school, Alex volunteered every week at the Friendship Circle for Sports Night. At the Friendship Circle, he was a beloved volunteer for children with mental and physical disabilities. He loved to teach them teamwork and determination through Sports Night.

Later on in high school, when the Friendship Circle built a new gym, Alex as well as many of us played pickup basketball games there during our senior year and when home from college. Those memories are some of the fondest that I have with Alex.

Our plan is to raise money to donate to the Friendship Circle so that we can make sure Alex has a permanent impression on Sports Night and the gym. We are working to get these donations in by early January so that we can have the new addition, whatever it may be, added by March 2, Alex's birthday.

Any donation is great and will be appreciated. I am also planning to create a short book for his family where we can all tell our favorite stories and memories of Alex. If you're interested in adding a story, let me

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